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Number of wineries with certified biodynamic estate vines that offer tasting or touring

• Sonoma & Oregon's Willamette Valley

Biodynamic hotspots that offer the highest concentration of biodynamic producers open to the public

• 26

Number of biodynamic producers open to the public in California

• 13

Number of biodynamic producers open to the public in Oregon

• 3

Number of biodynamic producers open to the public in Washington

• 1

Number of biodynamic producers open to the public in Colorado


• Getting to know the world of biodynamic producers, spread out over four states, is an adventure that can fill a lifetime. There's so much to see and do. 

• For first time visitors, it can be overwhelming. This guide (and the map above) can help you break it down into various regions.

• If you want personalized, trip planning services (for a reasonable fee), book some time with us. We also lead custom tours.

Northern California


Wine country in northern California traditionally means Napa (almost 500 wineries) and Sonoma (425 wineries), but when it. comes to biodynamic wineries, Sonoma wins hands down. 

Sonoma: A Biodynamic Hotspot

Napa has two, very good but very expensive Cabernet wineries to visit while Sonoma's home to 11 wildly different wineries. 

Sonoma's producers range from relaxing, kick your shoes off and sit by the river wineries to tasting shacks offering somms' favorite Pinot Noir to elegant Cabernet producers making world class wines.

Here's a quick overview of northern California's biodynamic producers:

Lake County: 2 | Beaver Creek | Hawk and Horse 

Mendocino : 2 | Domaine Anderson | Powicana Farm

Napa: 2 | Adamvs | Raymond Vineyards

Sierra Foothills AVA: 1 | Narrow Gate

Sonoma: 10 | Benziger | DaVero | DeLoach Vineyards | Hamel Family | Porter-Bass | Porter Creek | Preston (2) | Truett Hurst | Westwood

Central Coast


Rhone wines reign supreme in much of the Central Coast—some of the greatest U.S. producers are here—but there are Cabernet and Pinot Noir treasures to find, too, for visitors who know where to look. 

Here's a list of the Central Coast wineries open to the public:

Arroyo Grande: 2 | Lindquist | Verdad

Paso Robles: 3 | AmByth | Tablas Creek | Villa Creek

Santa Barbara County: 5 | Ampelos | Beckmen | Grimm's Bluff | Martian | Solminer

Willamette Valley | Oregon


Thanks to four major producers, Oregon has the highest percentage of biodynamic vines in the country—4 percent. 

Willamette Valley: A Biodynamic Hotspot


Pinot, Pinot, Pinot. Everywhere you go in the Willamette, the focus is on the finicky, perfumed red lovely which has made the region famous. A few outstanding whites are thrown in for good measure—beloved by many.

Thanks to a few enterprising, young, natural winemakers, there are also some new kids in town—grapes you've probably never heard of like Gamay or Melon de Borgogne—but are definitely worth trying.  

Here's a list of the Willamette Valley wineries open to the public:

Willamette Valley: 9 | Brick House | Brooks | Cooper Mountain | Johan | Keeler | King | Maysara | Montinore | Rex Hill | Soter | Winderlea

Southern Oregon


Compared to the Willamette, southern Oregon is a surprise to the uninitiated, with its warm climate and outstanding, highly rated Rhone wines. 

Wineries in this laidback region are family owned and friendly.

Here's a list of the southern Oregon wineries open to the public:

Southern Oregon: 3 | Cowhorn | Troon | Upper Five

Columbia Gorge, Washington & Colorado


Innovation is front and center in outlying regions in Colorado, Oregon's Columbia Gorge, and Washington, where a new generation is forging their own path.

While the driving distances are longer, visitors to these regions see what's happening on the cutting edge of the wine world.

Here's a list of biodynamic producers open to the public:

Colorado: 1 | Jack Rabbit Hill 

Oregon's Columbia Gorge: 1 | Analemma

Washington: 3 | Domaine Magdelena | Hedges | Wilridge


Unique Experiences



Analemma - Columbia Gorge tour and tasting 25 pus vineyard picnic 35 for 2


King Estate - restaurant

free tour

Soter - elegant

$100 generous food and wine pairings 

Burgundian - Brick House

$20 picnic tables

Brooks food - and oldest vines

classy $60 inc tour

$75 with food

Cowhonr super green

$50 tour and taste

Johan natural wines


Maysara - stone building


Farm - Jack Rabbit Hill


Wilridge variety pack farm . and hiking and Airbnb

The Biodynamic Wine World | Fun Facts


Acres of Demeter certified biodynamic vines in the U.S.

• 1,600

Acres of Demeter certified biodynamic vines in California


Acres of Demeter certified biodynamic vines in Oregon

• 183,000 

Estimated number of cases of wine produced from certified biodynamic vines in the U.S.

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Jack Rabbit Hill | Hotchkiss

COLORADO AVA | This biodynamic ranch in Redlands Mesa (south of Grand Junction, Colorado) in the North Fork Valley is a real farm, raising chickens and cattle, growing hemp, hops and wine grapes, and making biodynamic cider and wine. It's better known for its organic and biodynamic distillery, where it uniquely produces organic and biodynamic spirits—organic gin and vodka, biodynamic bitters and grappas, and organic eau de vie and brandies.

• % Biodynamic | 100% (Jack Rabbit Hill brand)

• Labeling | "Biodynamic Wine"

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $5

Winery Overview

Jack Rabbit Hill | Denver

COLORADO AVA | Jack Rabbit Hill's Denver tasting room offers its organic and biodynamic cider, spirits and wines at The Farm Bar on Blake Street. Opening: late Nov. 2019.

Oregon | Columbia Gorge


Analemma | Mosier

COLUMBIA GORGE AVA | A 75 minute drive east of Portland, Analemma is located on a rural property with a casual, welcoming tasting room. Grazing Jersey cows and biodynamic cherry trees grace the landscape, along with vineyards growing adventurous varieties like Godello, Mencia and Trousseau Noir along with more standard offerings (Chenin Blanc and Syrah). Open seasonally.

• % Biodynamic | 50% 

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $20-25

• Tour and Tasting | $25

• Vineyard picnic | $35 (for 2)

Winery Overview

Oregon | Willamette Valley | North


Brick House Vineyards | Newberg

RIBBON RIDGE AVA | Many have called this high end, artisanal biodynamic pioneer "the most Burgundian winery in Oregon." Its picturesque barn, gardens, and picnic tables are the equal of its acclaimed wines

• % Biodynamic | 100% 

• Wines | $$-$$$

• Tasting | $20

• Picnic tables available

Winery Overview

Cooper Mountain Vineyards | Beaverton

WILLAMETTE VALLEY AVA | Oregon's pioneering biodynamic powerhouse, the winery's an agricultural oasis in a suburban area. Its well priced wines attract many repeat buyers, who find they can afford to drink it often. The Life Pinot Noir is a specialty.

• % Biodynamic | 100% 

• Wines | $$-$$$

• Tasting | $20

• Tour and Tasting | $35 (Sat. only)

• Picnic tables available

Winery Overview

Montinore Estate

WILLAMETTE VALLEY AVA |  The largest biodynamic producer in the U.S., this sprawling estate covers 240 acres near the western edge of the AVA, near the Coast Range foothills. Known for Pinot Noir, it also produces a wide range of white, Alsatian varieties. Food is available to purchase in the spacious tasting room, which has grand views of the countryside.

• % Biodynamic | 50% 

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $15

Winery Overview

Rex Hill | Newberg

DUNDEE HILLS AVA  & CHEHALEM MOUNTAINS AVA | A Willamette Valley mainstay, this Dundee winery offers its single vineyard biodynamic wines for purchase (limit 1 bottle) at the winery. While an all biodynamically sourced wine may not be on the tasting menu, the winery says many of its regular tasting room wines are 70-80% biodynamically farmed estate grapes. Ask the winery for more details. 

• % Biodynamic | Low

• Wines | $$$

• Tasting | $15-30

• Tour and Tasting | $55-75

Winery Overview

Soter Vineyards | Carlton

YAMHILL-CARLTON AVA | One of Oregon's more elegant wineries, this modern venue offers gracious, seated, hosted tastings by appointment. The large, forested estate is a poster child for biodiversity and produces food as well as some of Oregon's highest rated Pinot Noir and sparkling wines

• % Biodynamic | 100% (Mineral Springs Ranch wines)

• Wines | $$$

• Tasting | $30

• Tasting with generous culinary pairings | $100

Winery Overview

Winderlea | Dundee & McMinnville

DUNDEE HILLS AVA | This Pinot Noir focused winery makes single vineyard wines from many different sites, including a few from its biodynamic estate vines. It has two tasting rooms—one on its estate site and a smaller in town tasting room in McMInnville.

• % Biodynamic | Low (estate wines only)

• Wines | $$$

• Tasting | $20

Winery Overview

Oregon | Willamette Valley | South


Brooks | Amity

EOLA-AMITY HILLS | A Wine & Spirits Top 100 winery in 2019, Brooks left its tiny tasting room shack behind long ago and has grown up to feature tastings in a gorgeous, modern showcase facility. The full service tasting room offers food as well as unforgettable, majestic views. Visitors sip estate wines from the oldest Pinot and Riesling vines in the state—while gazing out the window at them.

• % Biodynamic | Very Low

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $20

• Tour and tasting | $60 |  with pairings | $75

Winery Overview

Johan Vineyards | Rickreall*

VAN DUZER CORRIDOR AVA | A simple, rustic tasting room and outdoor seats greet visitors who come to sample out of the ordinary wines at Johan. One of many natural wine producers in Oregon, Johan has taken a leading role in growing off the beaten path varieties including Blaufränkisch, Gamay Noir, and Melon de Bourgogne as well as making a natural sparkling wine (Pet-Nat). 

• % Biodynamic | 100%

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $10

Winery Overview

Keeler Estate | Amity

EOLA-AMITY HILLS AVA | A friendly, casual venue, this is a popular site for weddings and events. The 200 acre property is mostly uncultivated. Native yeasts, amphora and concrete eggs are all part of the winemaking process. The outdoors deck offers an intimate and relaxed setting with great vineyard views.

• % Biodynamic | 100%

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $20-50

• Tour and tasting | $50

• Winery Overview

King Estate | Eugene

WILLAMETTE VALLEY AVA | The grandest of Oregon wineries and the largest biodynamic vineyard owner in the U.S., King Estate does everything with style. The large tasting room and winery complex, with grand views, includes a first class restaurant (reservations recommended).  The two, small lot estate wines are biodynamic.

• % Biodynamic | Very Low

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $15-20

• Tour | free

• Winery Overview

Maysara | McMinnville

MCMINNVILLE AVA | The second largest biodynamic vineyard owner in Oregon, with 250 acres of vines, Maysara is a renowned grower (under the Momtazi name) as well as an all estate winery. Its wines are made with natural yeast and without additives (except for small amounts of sulfites). The impressive, monumental stone winery building and tasting room was constructed from materials harvested on the site.

• % Biodynamic | 100%

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $15

Winery Overview

Oregon | South


Cowhorn | Jacksonville

APPLEGATE VALLEY AVA | The first biodynamic winery in southern Oregon, Cowhorn is one of the state's star producer of Rhone wines, making acclaimed Grenache, Syrah and more. Its cozy new tasting room, constructed to meet the new Living Buidling Challenge standards, meeting the highest eco-friendly requirements (higher than Leed) frames views of the site perfectly.

• % Biodynamic | 100%

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $15-25

• Charcuterie | $35

• Tour and tasting | $50

Winery Overview

Troon Vineyards | Grants Pass & Carlton

APPLEGATE VALLEY AVA | Newly certified biodynamic, Troon is in the process of replanting and revitalizing, trying out new varieties (like Tannat and Vermentino). The tasting room is homey, unpretentious and relaxing and offers some unusual red blends, including its Cuvee Pyrenees. The winery also has a tasting room in Carlton.

• % Biodynamic | High

• Wines | $$

• Tasting | $NA

Winery Overview

Upper Five Vineyards | Talent

ROGUE VALLEY AVA | Tasting on the patio is an intimate affair at this tiny, family run winery, known for its affordable prices and high quality wines. A real Rogue Valley farm, the owners also grow melons on the property—along with their signature Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo. 

• % Biodynamic | 100%

• Wines | $$

• Owner tour and tasting | $10

Winery Overview



Domaine Magdalena | Benton City*

RED MOUNTAIN AVA | An intimate setting  awaits visitors at this tiny, family run winery, run by a branch of the Hedges family. Across the road from Hedges, the small site is home to locust trees, native wildflowers and sage and owner hosted tastings of its estate Cabernet Sauvignon

• % Biodynamic | 100%

• Wines | $$$

• Tasting | $NA

• Winery Overview

Hedges Family Estate | Benton City

RED MOUNTAIN AVA |  Champagne born Ann-Marie Liégeois and her husband Tom Hedges built an impressive, elegant, chateau inspired winery to house their powerhouse operation. The grand yet graceful interiors—done in a welcoming, Old World style—offer a fine setting in which to sample their Bordeaux blend estate wines.

• % Biodynamic | Very Low

• Wines | $$$

• Tasting | $15 

• Winery Overview

Wilridge Winery | Yakima

NACHES HEIGHTS AVA  | An energetic producer bent on exploring wine's possibilities in Washington, Wilridge offers tasting experiences in four locations. At its Yakima vineyard tasting room, visitors can sample wines, hike in a nearby nature preserve, or stay overnight in one of three farmhouse rooms. The tiny winery makes 14 different biodynamic wines, two grappas and two brandies. 

• % Biodynamic | Low

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $NA

Winery Overview

Wilridge Winery | Seattle (2)

NACHES HEIGHTS AVA  | A tiny winery that grows 22 different kinds of wine grapes, Wilridge also produces cider, mead wine, and grappas. All its wares are on offer in its two Seattle locations, one of which is near the popular Pike's Place Market.

• % Biodynamic | Low

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $NA

Winery Overview

Wilridge Winery | Redmond

NACHES HEIGHTS AVA | Wilridge Winery also has a tasting room in Redmond at Sky River Meadery.

• % Biodynamic | Low

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $NA

Winery Overview