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Washington | Biodynamic Overview

AVA Essentials

• Washington's wine industry is growing rapidly, hitting 1,000 wineries in 2019, up from just 70 in 2000.  

• There are about 59,000 planted acres. That's about the size of all of Sonoma's grape vines acreage and almost twice as big as Oregon's acreage.

• Much of the growth in acres comes from  the high quality of the grape and the low cost of the land.

Columbia Valley AVA

Almost all of the state's vines are located on alluvial soils in the vast and sprawling Columbia Valley AVA; it also contains 13 distinct subregions

• While big commercial players dominate, there are three producers in the state taking the road less travelled—the  biodynamic path. Each is a wine industry innovator. 

• The Hedges family, half French and half American, was among the first to explore Red Mountain's terroir and understand its potential for fine Cabernet.

• Lawyer turned vintner Paul Beveridge, of Wilridge in Seattle, adventurously struck out into a virgin area in Yakima, planting a wide variety⁠ wine grapes—22 different types—⁠to see which ones would do well in the region. 

State Stats

• Estate wineries with biodynamic vines:  3

• Biodynamic vineyard acres: 53

• Case production (estimated):  4,900+

Naches Heights AVA

• A unique and tiny AVA, with only 44 planted acres, this AVA is unqiuely sites on windblown soil (loess) in contrast to the alluvial soils on the rest of Columbia Valley

• This AVA is situated on an ancient volcanic bedrock plateau at 1,200 to 2,100 feet of elevation

• Estate wineries with biodynamic vines:  1

• Biodynamic vineyard acres: 12

• Case production (estimated):  1,000

Red Mountain AVA

• This region is both the warmest and smallest of the state's AVA's with an arid, desert climate and soils that are poor in nutrients, leading to small berries and more tannic wines

• The planted acreage is 2,227 acres 

• Estate wineries with biodynamic vines:  2

• Biodynamic vineyard acres: 41

• Case production (estimated): 2,900


Naches Heights AVA | Yakima Valley AVA

Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery

Red Mountain AVA

Domaine Magdalena

• Hedges Family Estate

Tasting Rooms | Events

Benton City

Domaine Magdalena (by appt.)

• Hedges Family Estate (by appt.)


Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery (walk in)

Redmond | Woodinville

Wilridge Tasting Room at Sky River Meadery (walk in)


Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery (walk in)

Biodynamic Vines: Acres

Naches Heights AVA

• Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery: 12

Red Mountain AVA

• Hedges Family Estate: 37

• Domaine Magdalena: 4

Biodynamic Vines: Varieties

• Barbera

• Cabernet Franc

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Malbec

• Merlot

• Mourvedre

• Muscat

• Nebbiolo

• Pinot Grigio

• Roussanne 

• Sagrantino

• Sangiovese

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Semillon

• Syrah

• Viognier

• Zweigelt

Biodynamic Vines: Cases

• Hedges Family Estate: 2,200

• Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery: 2,000

• Domaine Magdalena: 700

Wilridge Winery | Naches Heights | Yakima

Winery Overview



• Sources its estate wines, grappa and brandies from its 12 acre organic and biodynamic estate vineyard in Naches Heights near Yakima; it also makes wines from other non-organic growers' grapes

• It has two wineries—one in Seattle and one at the vineyard site in Yakima—and two tasting rooms— one in downtown Seattle at Pike's Place Market and another at the Yakima vineyard site; visitors can also taste at the Seattle winery location and in Woodinville

Best known for

• Washington organic and biodynamic producer that's Seattle's first urban winery (established in 1988) and adventurously offers unusual varietals

• Makes 12 wines from certified vines ($20-40); all the estate wines are made in the "Biodynamic Wine" standard and bottle labeled with their certification

• Owner Paul Beveridge, a lawyer who transitioned into winemaking, is a born innovator, dedicated to finding which wines grow best in the Naches Heights AVA

• In Seattle, he started the city's first urban winery and founded the Family Winemakers of Washington to advance legislation to help local, family owned wineries and establish a cooperative tasting room

• He's planted 22 different varietals in his 12 acre estate vineyard out in Yakima, including Nebbiolo and Sagrantino from Italy and Zweigelt from Austria; French biodynamic consultant Philippe Armenier initially helped him establish the vineyard and become certified biodynamic

• The vines grow on an 85 acre property on sagebrush steppes in the Cascade Mountain foothills (west of Yakima); the soils are million year old Loess

• Local dairy cows provide the manure for compost

• In addition to wine grapes, Beveridge also grows eight acres of biodynamic apples and pears which he exports to Germany

• The winery has also started making organic and biodynamic estate apple and pear brandies as well as grappa

• Biodiversity abounds at Wilridge's Yakima estate—the vineyard property borders the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy, a 5,000 acre nature preserve where visitors enjoy hiking and mountain biking

Organic and biodynamic case production

2,000 (out of 7,500)


Vineyard and winery, organic, 2009-2017, Stellar Certification Services, 2017-present, CCOF; biodynamic, 2009-present, Demeter USA




Certified Biodynamic Grapes

Certified Wines: Made with Biodynamic Grapes

Bottle Labeling: Made with Biodynamic Grapes

• Barbera

• Bordeaux Blend

• Dessert-Muscat

• Dessert-White (Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc)

• Dessert-Pinot Gris Ice Wine

• Nebbiolo

• Rosé

• Roussanne 

• Sagrantino

• Sangiovese

• White Bordeaux Blend (Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc)

• Red Rhone Blend (Syrah-Mourvedre)

• Viognier

• Zweigelt


• Apple

• Pear


• Viognier and Muscat 

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Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery 

250 Ehler Rd.

Yakima, WA 98908


Airbnb Rooms: The Yakima location has 3 farmhouse rooms for rent.

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Wines of Washington (Pike's Place Market)

1924 Post Alley

Seattle, WA 98101


Wilridge Vineyard, Winery & Distillery (winery location)

1416 34th Ave.

Seattle, WA 98122


Sky River Meadery

14270 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE

Redmond, WA 98052


Domaine Magdalena | Red Mountain AVA | Benton City

Winery Overview



• Grows its estate wines on its four acre vineyard site in Washington's Red Mountain AVA 

• The wines are made at Hedges Family Estate, owned by the same family

Best known for

• Boutique, artisanal, family winery making small lot Cabernet Sauvignon

• Owned by the husband and wife couple of Christophe and  Maggie Hedges; Christophe is a descendant of the Hedges family who started Hedges Family Estate

• Makes one wine from its estate vines ($NA)

• In 2004, when the couple married, they decided to forego a honeymoon and instead invested the money they would have spent on a trip in buying their five acre site

• The vineyard is planted on own root vines 

• Christophe's sister, Sarah Hedges Goedhart, winemaker at Hedges Family Estate, makes the wines

Biodynamic vineyard case production

700 (out of 700 total)


Vineyard, organic, 2011-2018, Stellar Organic Certification Services; biodynamic, Demeter USA, 2011; winery, Hedges Family Estate, biodynamic, 2011, Demeter USA




Certified Biodynamic Wine

 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Domaine Magdalena

53222 N Sunset Rd.

Benton City, WA 99320

Telephone: NA

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Hedges Family Estate | Red Mountain AVA | Benton City

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes for its three estate wines from its 37 acre biodynamic estate in Benton City, Washington; the rest of its grapes come from Washington growers (non-organic) throughout the state

• In 2017, the winery announced plans to convert its Les Gosses vineyard, an additional 16 acres, to Biodynamic certification

• The winery is located in Benton City (near Richland)

• The tasting room, in a picturesque, chateau inspired building, is adjacent to one of its estate vineyards

Best known for

• The largest family owned winery in Washington and one of the first to see the potential of the Red Mountain area

• Makes three estate wines from biodynamic vines ($38-95, 93 pts.)

• The winery was founded by Ann-Marie Liégeois (from Champagne in France) and Tom Hedges, an American; today their offspring run things—son Christophe is the general manager and their daughter Sarah is the winemaker

• The couple got their start in wine buying 40 acres in the Red Mountain back in 1989; the area turned out to be one of the great spots in Washington for Cabernet

• By 1995 they had built their own winery; today they make 100,000+ cases a year

• The Hedges championed the region's unique terroir and were among the movers and shakers who successfully created the 4,000 acre Red Mountain appellation in 2001

• Sarah Hedges Goedhart, the couple's daughter, worked at Preston Farm and Winery in Sonoma county in California, a biodynamic farm and winery, before coming back to Hedges; she was appointed to the position of winemaker in 2015

• The estate's first vines were certified biodynamic in 2011; their first biodynamic Cabernet, made without additives (except for sulfites) and showcasing its pure fruit, won a 93 pt. rating from the Wine Spectator

• The reserve Cabernet is the first Cabernet made as a certified "Biodynamic Wine" in the state of Washington; the second vintage, the 2013, won a medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2016

Organic and Biodynamic vineyard case production

2,200 (out 100,000+ cases)


Estate vineyard, organic, 2011-2017, Stellar Certification Services, 2017-present, CCOF; biodynamic, 2011-present, Demeter USA




Certified Wine: Biodynamic Wine

• Cabernet Sauvignon-La Haute Cuvée 

• Syrah

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Tasting flight (includes biodynamic wines)

Hedges Family Estate

53511 N Sunset Rd.

Benton City, WA 99320


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