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Welcome to Biodynamic Wine Finder

Welcome to Biodynamic Wine Finder

Discover Wines from Biodynamic Vines

• Award winning wines from top regions and producers

• 52 wineries in the U.S. with certified biodynamic vines 

• 300+ wines (from $20-$500)

• Dozens of great tasting and touring destinations

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From Apricot Lane to Chile and China Andrew Beedy's Worldwide Adventures


Working with Alan York, Andrew Beedy helped Apricot Lane convert an abandoned, conventional farm to lush fertility. He's done the same with wineries. How?

Wine & Spirits Top 100 List: 8% of U.S. Winners Are Biodynamic


Out of 36 U.S. wineries, four were biodynamic. Yet they come from the tiniest fraction of vineyards. Only 3,450 acres of vines are biodynamic. What has biodynamic farming done for these wineries?

The Tiniest Biodynamic Producer?


Many of the top Central Coast producers in California look to Brook Williams' Duvarita Vineyard in Santa Barbara County for great grapes. Now the grower is launching his own microbrand.


Top U.S. Biodynamic Cabernets


12 Biodynamic Rosés


Monty Waldin's Italian Picks


Celebrate in Style | Biodynamic Champagne

Viva La Spritz | BD Pet Nats Are Popping Up All Over

Dessert & Port Style Wines for the Holidays

Wineries & Regions

Biodynamic Hotspots

• WIllamette Valley [13 wineries]

Sonoma County [11 wineries,]

• Santa Barbara County [5 wineries]

WIneries by Region

Tasting & Touring | Wine Clubs


Northern California 

• Napa (2)

• Sonoma (11)

Central California

• Paso Robles (3)

• San Luis Obispo (2)

Santa Barbara County (5)


• Willamette Valley  (13)

• Southern Oregon (3)



• Sonoma | Farm to Table Wineries

• Napa | From the Valley to the Mountains: Classic Cabs

• Paso | Rhonelandia & Beyond

• Diversity, Santa Barbara County Style | Pinot, Syrah, and Cab 

• Willamette Valley | America's Biodynamic Hotspot

• Southern Oregon's Rhone Region

Wine Clubs

• Best Clubs For Cabernet Lovers

• Best Clubs For Pinot Noir Lovers

• Best Clubs For Rhone Wine Lovers

• Best Clubs for Variety and off the beaten

• Best Clubs for Natural Wine Lovers

• Best Clubs for Wine Lovers on a Budget

• Best Clubs for Certified Wines

What People Are Saying

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"Pam Strayer, the author of Biodynamic Wine Finder, is the country’s foremost authority on organic and biodynamic wines and vines. 

This site is must have resource for all wine lovers who want to know what wines are produced with certified biodynamic grapes.

-Elizabeth Candelario, regenerative food and wine industry consultant; former president, Demeter USA

"Pam Strayer’s coverage of the organic, and biodynamic wine world stateside is based on rigorous research ...into individual wineries' wine growing and winemaking practices."

-Monty Waldin, author, The Oxford Companion to Wine (organic and biodynamic sections) and numerous books on organic and biodynamic wines, Regional Chair for Tuscany at the Decanter World Wine Awards

"While some of the wineries with biodynamic vineyards sell biodynamically grown wines, they may also sell other wines made separately from conventionally grown grapes. How can you vote with your dollars if you don't really know what you're buying? 

Fortunately, Biodynamic Wine Finder has done the research—listing only the wines from certified biodynamic vines—and can help you find wine made with your values in mind."

-Megan Kaun, Toxic Free Future